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Our Process

BMW Qualitech offers is a full service machine center that employs a detailed process to satisfy all of your machined component requirements.
Process control defines our success & your ultimate satisfaction.

How do we get it done?

We value each and every one of our customers, so it is important that we follow our targeted recipe for success. The process begins with our commitment to your ultimate satisfaction with the products we manufacture, so we feel that communication is paramount. Our six step process enables us to meet our mantra of delivering high quality machined components “In-Spec, On-Time, Every-Time”. This process starts with your initial inquiry and follows this detailed path.

  1. Estimate
    Our trained personnel are dedicated to providing you with exactly what you need at the right price, so we are passionate about providing you with accurate, detailed proposals. During the process, we will ask questions that will allow us to give you the best product at the best price. This means we may make some suggestions about how we use your design in our manufacturing process. Once the details are known, we will provide you with a detailed proposal outlining job cost & precise delivery timing.

  2. Client Approval
    Upon receipt and review of our detailed proposal, we will contact you to field any questions you may have. If there are any required amendments to our proposal, we will revise and resubmit. If you approve of the job, we would ask that you provide us a purchased order for the work.

    Once your P.O is received, we will order the properly specified materials, schedule it in production based on the required machining steps, metal hardening, painting or anodizing that your specific job requires.

  3. Production
    “In-Spec”, this is where the serious craftsmanship begins. The job jacket is forwarded to the designated machining center along with properly specified materials. Our experienced machinists review each detail prior to initiating any machining. They then program the details of your job in to the CNC so that the tools are automatically selected for each process and the tolerances are set for the cutting, drilling and tapping as required. The material is loaded in to the machine and CNC is initiated. The machinist monitors the process to ensure that every detail is completed as per the approved technical drawing. Post machining operations are completed and the product is then ready for quality control inspection.

  4. Quality Control
    This is a large step in ensuring that your total satisfaction with the products we manufacture. Engineering will inspect each component using precise measuring tools when required and confirm that the product is “In-Spec”. Once approved the job will be forwarded to our shipping department.

  5. Shipping
    “On-time, Every-time”! Our dedication to this process enables us to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have confirmed the first step of manufacturing the exact components you require, so our final step in the process is to confirm what we are shipping is exactly what you ordered, properly package or crate your order as ship it on time using the agreed upon method of shipping so that we complete our goal of delivering you product that is “In-Spec, On-Time, Every-Time”.


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